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I grew up in a place near Arnhem in the Netherlands.
I used to draw a lot and tried various skills
and techniques

My father wished for me to go through
artschool but the fear of being not good enough
kept me from doing so.

In 1996 we got our first computer
and with a simple draw and text program
I restyled a childrens project for a primary school.

That was fun to do, it combined two things I loved: computers and drawing

About 5 years ago I ran into XaraX,
An amzingly fast, easy to learn and cheap vector based
drawing program.

On my links page you can find some Xara related links.

At the end of 2005 I came across a microstock site.
There you can download photo's and illustrations for various purposes.

After a couple of photo's I tried some illustrations
and -much to my surprise- they were downloaded.
Right now I've got portfolio's on four large microstock sites:

On the links page you find links to
my portfolio's.

You can also contact me for customized illustration.
Interested? Contact me!